Vacuuming: Is There a Correct Method?

There are few things in life that seem as simple as running a vacuum cleaner. A person turns the vacuum on and runs it back and forth over carpeting until it is clean. While vacuuming may seem simple, there are some important steps that a person needs to take to make certain that he or she is properly operating the vacuum to get the cleanest floor possible and to avoid subjecting the carpet to unnecessary wear.

Read the Manual

Almost every vacuum cleaner has a number of settings to allow the cleaner to be adjusted for different types of cleaning situations. While many people only use their vacuums on the lowest level, this is not always a good idea. On longer carpeting, the vacuum may not be able to draw enough air to properly clean and the roller brushes may even become tangled in the carpet fibers. On some carpeting, such as delicate rugs, vacuums may even work best with the roller brushes turned off. By reading the manual and understanding how to use the settings on the vacuum, a person will be able to make certain that the vacuum is properly set to thoroughly clean the carpet.

Prepare the Floor

Vacuum cleaners can handle a range of items, but it is best if larger items are removed from the floor before vacuuming. Items such as bread ties and pen caps can become wedged in the vacuum roller and cause the sweeper to malfunction. Large spills, such as dirt from a flower pot, should be cleaned as much as possible with a broom and dustpan before vacuuming. By getting rid of the larger items from the carpet, a vacuum cleaner can do a better job of cleaning the floor.

Slow and Steady

Vacuum cleaners should be operated slowly. By moving the vacuum slowly, it has the opportunity to brush dirt and debris loose from the carpet fabric and vacuum it up into the bag. Rapidly moving the vacuum back and forth is rough on the carpeting as the roller brushes are quickly forced into the carpet. In fact, rapid movement of a vacuum cleaner can result in removal of carpet fibers, causing the carpet to prematurely wear.

Don’t Operate a Full Vacuum

One of the most common mistakes people make when operating a vacuum cleaner is not dumping the canister or changing the bag until it is full. As canisters and bags fill, the vacuum cleaner loses power as it must lift both the dirt inside the vacuum as well as the dirt from the carpet. When vacuuming extremely dirty floors or over large areas, it is best to dump the canister or change the bag periodically to get the best cleaning possible. Though it is possible to dump the dirt from some vacuum bags, it is not a good idea. Vacuum bag material becomes clogged with dust and debris with use and reusing the bags will result in reduced vacuum power.