How to Get the Best Trade-In Deal on Your Computer

Trading in a computer is a great way to save money while also getting rid of a piece of outdated electronics. Follow these tips to make sure that you get the best trade-in deal on your computer.

Invest a Little
If your computer is too outdated, most buyers won’t even consider purchasing it. However, you can invest a little money into your computer on inexpensive things like RAM or a new video graphics card. If your computer isn’t too used, simply add a few programs that will tweak the performance. For example, install a memory booster, registry defrag or tune up program. Be sure to have a standard antivirus software program installed, such as AVG Free Antivirus. Be sure to run a complete scan in Safe mode to ensure there are no viruses or spyware hiding inside the system. Install unnecessary programs and wipe the hard drive clean with a popular tool such as CCleaner. On the other hand, if your computer has been well used, consider reinstalling the operating system, which will improve speed and performance.

Sell it Online

First, try selling the computer on Craigslist, which is one of the most popular classified services available. When selling anything online, be sure to frauds who promise to send checks. Instead, simply meet interested buyers in a populated place, such as the parking lot of a major retailer or grocery store. Be sure to post clear pictures of the computer and answer all potential questions, such as technical details and the final price. If this doesn’t work, consider selling your old computer on eBay, which is called the online marketplace of the world. Millions of people use this site every week to buy and sell merchandise. Since selling on eBay will put you up against a lot of other computer sellers, some who do it for a living, be sure to read up on tips from the experts.

Sell it In-Store
Check with a local big box retailer, such as Best Buy, because they offer a trade-in program for used electronics. They will most likely give you a gift card for their store in exchange for the computer. Just like selling a car at the dealer, the price will be lower, but the process will be honest and straightforward. If you aren’t satisfied with the price, ask the store buyer to recommend other locations where you can possibly sell your computer. Email these stores with your offer and if they don’t accept, simply sell it at Best Buy or better yet, donate it to charity, such as Good Will.

As a final note, you can sell your computer through emphasizing the potential value, such as an inexpensive gift to a young adult or college student. Be sure to analyze your ad content for SEO friendly keywords and formatting.