How T-Shirt Designs are Helping Business

As markets become inundated with online and brick-and-mortar competitors, advertising and marketing are becoming valuable business assets that can actually help keep a company profitable. Therefore, t-shirts are an efficient, cost-effective advertising tool.

Internal Benefits
The easiest way to increase employee engagement and teamwork is through handing out branded t-shirts to employees. This will promote the company culture and increase organizational unity. This encourages individuals to share goals, operate as a team and perceived themselves as a core unit. Some companies find that giving branded t-shirts to employees as gifts after annual performance reviews are effective ways to instill a sense of pride and solidarity among employees. Allowing employees to select among different colors, styles and designs will increase the likelihood that they will wear the t-shirt. Some companies actually have a set day of the week that all employees are expected to wear their company t-shirt.

On the other hand, employees who wear their t-shirt outside of work are a natural way to freely recruit talent. However, employees should be instructed to direct all job candidates to the HR department for actual official job details and descriptions. On the other hand, employees who wear branded t-shirts outside of work will have the opportunity to explain to their friends and acquaintances what they do for a living and why they love it. This will also encourage employee pride and commitment to the company.

External Benefits
Cheap or free t-shirts at an expo, conference, trade event or public relations event are an excellent way to advertise the company brand to the public. This is very beneficial for small or new businesses who have limited advertising and marketing budgets. However, business t-shirts are already popular, so start-up companies must be sure to provide an innovatively fresh way to introduce their brand. In order to encourage customers to wear the t-shirt, consider giving them a discount if they wear the t-shirt in the store when they go shopping. If possible, offer free branded t-shirts as part of the company’s loyalty program.

Be sure to always brand your t-shirt design based on your business logo. This is especially important because many small or start-up businesses mistakenly assume that adding a logo is pointless because people will not recognize the brand. However, the biggest benefit of branded t-shirts is building brand awareness. Consider having your company support a local sports team. Therefore, business owners can have their employees wear their branded t-shirts while they provide services to the community, such as operating the food stand.

In the end, branded t-shirts that bear the company’s logo are excellent ways to establish and raise awareness of a brand. Be sure to select the right design that will appeal to the largest portion of your target demographic group.