7 Holiday Gift Ideas Any Fitness Enthusiast Will Love

Every family has that special athlete in the family that is difficult to buy for when the holidays roll around. Here are seven of the top gifts for the go-getters in your life:

#1 ActivMotion Bar starting at $119.99

Using the instability of the ActivMotion Bar you can build a very stable core. The AcitveMotion Bar houses steel ball bearings that make the bar unstable as you manipulate it during exercise forcing your body to activate more muscles to stabilize it. This improves your strength, mobility, and tightens your core. It is great for anyone from beginners to fitness professionals. It comes with a video series to help utilize the ActivMotion Bar in all types of exercises from isolated muscle exercises to full body exercises.

#2 Crossrope starting at $69.99

Ready to scorch 12 calories per minute? Try jumping rope with a Crossrope. Crossropes deliver a uniquely challenging experience because the interchangeable ropes are weighted. CrossRopes are featured as one of the most coveted fitness gifts this year on ABC News.

#3 GOGroove AirBand Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset $34.99

GOGroove Airbands are very durable, work from a long distance from your Bluetooth music player, and are compatible with almost any device. Did I mention they were extremely affordable??? Don’t cringe about sweating on this headset, GOGrove has got you covered (in music)!

#4 Polar Fitness Tracker starting at $59.95

Wearable technology is the new wave in fitness. Today’s gym rats are interested in real time health data and sharing results via social media. Polar makes a wide variety of great wearable technology for people at every level of fitness. Research is showing that there are great benefits that come with wearable technology. AHIMA states that “these connected and empowered consumers, bolstered by the insight and support of online communities, will embrace the opportunity to manage their health information in the long run and ultimately benefit from access to this health data.” To see all Polar products, visit their website.

#5 Fabletics Subscription at $49.99/month

New gym clothes always make an athlete feel like a superhero in the gym. Give them the gift of fashionable gym swag. Fabletics has monthly subscriptions for women and men.

#6 Hydrapak Stash Bottle

This amazing soft-walled water bottle holds 750ml of water and collapses to 4 inches when it’s empty. It’s lightweight and ideal for storing in your gym bag or purse. Stay hydrated!

#7 Nike Vapor Flash 2.0 Tech Gloves

Nike has created some stylish outdoor sport gloves that are high tech for both men and women. You will be able to keep your hands warm while you work out and control any touchscreen device. Get a pair for the athlete who is constantly working out in the outdoors.