6 Fun Promotion Ideas for Restaurants

To be successful in your restaurant, you’ll have to keep your existing customers happy and returning to your establishment. Along with existing customers, you need to entice new customers through your doors. You can accomplish both these tasks with fun promotions.

1. Drink or Menu Item Specials
According to the New York Times, restaurants are catering to Millenials, who are actually watching their spending due to student loans and other hardships. If you provide special prices and discounts, you can entice more customers into your business. Vendors might be willing to work with you on the special pricing too.

2. Birthday Promotions
When you collect email addresses, phone numbers and birth dates, you can send your customers vouchers and coupons for free desserts, appetizers or certain cash rewards. The choice depends on your specific business, but when you collect this information from your customers, you can also use the date for your email marketing campaigns in the future.

3. Contests and Games
During the slow parts of the week, you can hold trivia contests, karaoke nights or adult bingo. The prizes should include vouchers or coupons that customers can use in the restaurant like a free drink or an appetizer. The day of the week that you should hold these contests or games would depend on when you see a dip in sales like Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

4. Reward Cards
The best way to get repeat customers is to reward them for being a customer in the first place. The type of reward card would depend on your restaurant. If you have a sandwich shop, you could have a reward card that offers a free sandwich when a customer uses a punch card to rack up 10 sandwich purchases.

5. Bring Your Restaurant to the Web
You can share fun photos and hold a caption contest for your customers. This can be done on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The contest could last for a week or longer with the best caption writer receiving a free dinner. They’re bound to bring friends for their free dinner, and it helps to create a buzz around your restaurant. Imagery and language help customers to ignore the prices of items, or at least help the items seem like a better deal.

6. Business Card Giveaway
If you have a diner or fast-food establishment that sees a large lunch crowd from local businesses, you can have a bowl for customers to add their business cards. From this bowl, you can hold a raffle to award prizes. It’s a great way to contact people to sign up for your email list. Every business owner should have an email list to contact customers regarding other promotions and special offers.

Promotions are a terrific way to create a buzz around your restaurant. It’ll bring in new customers as well as make your current customers happy. They can be rewarded for their loyalty and take advantage of deals and coupons available at your business. Between loyalty cards and email lists, you can keep your customers coming back to your restaurant for a long time.