5 Great Looks For Your Seasonal Office Party

What should you wear to your seasonal office party? When choosing an outfit, you want to maintain an air of professionalism while also adding a bit of festive flair. Here are five great ideas for work-friendly holiday party ensembles.

Cocktail Dress

When choosing a cocktail dress for a work function, details are key. Keep hemlines and necklines work appropriate, and bring a cardigan or blazer to layer over your dress. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress, or even a lace dress in a neutral color.

Structured shift dresses are another great pick, as they can be worn to the office during the daytime. Add festive accessories, such as gold heels or a statement necklace, to bring the look into the evening.

Layered Look

A festive blazer can be an indispensable piece when dressing for office holiday functions. Blazers are professional, versatile, and can even keep you warm during chilly outdoor affairs. Paired with an eye-catching necklace or dress, blazers can help you make other wardrobe pieces work.

Choose a structured blazer in bright red, emerald, or even white for a fantastic seasonal look. For a more delicate touch, opt for a sparkly cardigan layered over a dress or blouse. You simply can’t go wrong with layered pieces when it comes to your office party wardrobe.

Festive Skirt

Finding a party skirt is easy – almost any department store will have a selection of colorful skirts during the holiday season. As with a dress, keep your hemline appropriate for the office – tea-length and just-below-the-knee skirts are great choices.

If your skirt features ornate or sparkly details, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Basic, neutral skirts are perfect for pairing with bright or sequined tops.

Daring Details

While you typically wouldn’t wear excessive lace or leather to the office, the holidays present a chance to break some of the rules. A lace sheath dress in a sapphire hue can be a gorgeous choice.

You can pair more conservative tops with fuzzy or sequined sweaters for a fun and festive look. Just remember that balance is key – an all-sequin frock or leather leggings may be a bit too much for an office party.

Party-Appropriate Pants

Paired with work staples such as button-down blouses or cashmere sweaters, party pants are fun and festive without pushing the limits too much. Velvet and lightly sequined pants are great choices, as are wide-leg trousers.

While darker shades of black, plum, gray, and other hues are perfectly fine, it is best to avoid nude hues that give the illusion of showing skin. Leather and tight leggings are also styles to avoid.

One final tip: When choosing your outfit, it’s important to keep in mind the formality of the event – if it’s after the workday, mix glamorous holiday pieces with your regular work wear. If it’s an off-site, black-tie affair, cocktail dresses may be appropriate.

With these outfit ideas, you’ll be sure to find the office party ensemble that is perfect for any occasion.