5 Essential Cargo Shipping Safety Practices

These five essential cargo shipping safety practices will save you money and improve customer satisfaction. Any loss of product or delay in shipment can cause a decrease in customer satisfaction. It is time to implement these safety best practices in your cargo shipping process to ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

A Container Seal

A container seal will protect your shipment and your liability during the entire shipping process. It is easy to determine if a seal is tampered with at each stage of the shipping process. This is highly important to ensure your products remain safe, however it is also important for additional safety reasons such as to prevent possible criminal activity.

Container Inspection

Upon arrival of any container, prior to loading the container, conduct a thorough inspection. Be certain the container is clean and in proper working order. Be mindful of holes that may create areas of weakness or access for insects or animals that could be harmful to your products or the products of others upon arrival to the country of import. Also, be certain that no debris or products were left behind from the last shipment or this could cause challenges for your shipment at customs.


Make sure your documentation is 100 percent accurate. The slightest error can results in detention and demurrage charges. It can also leave your shipment susceptible to corrupt customs officials looking for a payoff or bribe. Always ensure your invoice and packing lists match the actual products in the container prior to shipping from your facility. You also want to be 100 percent certain that all documentation reflects the same products, weights and values.

Internal Security

Many companies choose RFID tags for their products to track each movement. This is often used for marketing purposes, however it can also be used as a security precaution. You might also consider video cameras and GPS for high value commodities. And, if your products require temperature control, it is a good idea to add portable thermometers that send readings to ensure the climate remains within safety levels the entire journey.

Security Transport Services

In some countries where over-the-road transportation is often a target for criminal activity, it is important to hire a top security company that specializes in transport security for high-value shipments. According to Inbound Logistics, these cargo thefts happen in nearly every country and they are on the rise in many regions of the world.

These five cargo security tips will get you started to a safe and seamless cargo shipping experience, however the rules are unique for each shipment depending on the product and the countries. World Shipping has an extensive guideline for all cargo shippers to follow for even greater security. As long as you are taking basic precautions, you will make your shipment less of a target than others.