4 Crazy Advantages of a Loyalty Program

One trend that is not really in any danger of vanishing concerns all those code identifying dongles on key rings everywhere—loyalty programs. Loyalty programs give retailers an advantage and customers get a chance to take advantage of pretty amazing perks. Granted the quality of the reward can vary greatly depending on how much money gets spent, but even small purchases over a set amount of time can grow into something truly fabulous. Of course, shoppers can take advantage of a number of great perks just for being members.

Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff? With everything from free travel to free gas to free food on the line in any number of popular programs, shoppers can keep a little more of their hard earned cash on a regular basis. Plus, the threshold for earning smaller free rewards can make the entire program worthwhile, which means shoppers should pay close attention to what is offered by the specific program.


Everyone loves not having to pay full price for anything. Since joining a rewards or incentive based loyalty program gives businesses access to email and other personal information, customers can be greeted with any number of promotion information and exclusive discount opportunities, and that can really help out with some planned purchases.


According to the Huffington Post, loyalty programs can be the key to getting any number of upgrades from hotels, airlines, rental car companies, and more. Just having a membership can earn customers a leg up when a situation out of the norm arises. After all, being bumped up to first class or getting a suite can elevate an entire trip.

Preferential Treatment

The concept behind loyalty programs allows companies to give customers a little something for being regular customers. Getting access to exclusive events, faster check-out lines, and other perks are all within the realm of possibility, which means membership and spending wisely can have some pretty fabulous effects on how shoppers get treated. Getting special treatment never gets old.

According to the New York Times, reward and loyalty programs can change at any moment, which means consumers need to pay close attention to the rules and regulations of their favorite programs. Since many retailers and businesses offer these memberships at no charge, the companies are really holding all the cards when it comes time to cash in. Of course, the only real consistent aspect of the programs is that anyone that is not a member has zero chance of actually earning anything. Companies can not reward customers if they have no idea a purchase was made. Therefore, singing up for loyalty programs can be one of the most important things a good shopper can do.