3 Major Health Benefits to Gain from Window Film

The sun treats everyone the same. Stay out too long, and you risk getting sunburned and worse. As many as one in every five adults in the United States will suffer from skin cancer at some point. Those who don’t are likely soaking up the safety provided by window film while their peers continue soaking up the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays.

In this post, find out why the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends window film and learn about the three top health benefits you will gain from using window film to protect your skin from the sun.

What is Window Film?
Most new vehicles already have window film pre-installed on all windows and windshields to protect drivers from side-specific sun damage. This same window film is now available for use in homes and workplaces as well. Window film is typically adhesive-based and is incredibly thin and lightweight – totally transparent.

Window film can also be added to any older, damaged or deteriorating window pane in lieu of a full window replacement, making it a cheaper alternative that is also much safer for everyone in the home, car or workplace.

Benefit #1: Prevent your skin from aging as quickly.
The Skin Cancer Foundation may recommend the use of window film to decrease the risk of skin cancer, but there is another side benefit as well, and one that is highly prized in today’s youth-centric society. Use window film and your skin will also stay younger-looking for longer.

This is called “photo-aging,” which is shorthand for “premature skin aging,” and it occurs because the skin is repeatedly exposed to ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The use of window film blocks the sun’s UV radiation and its damaging effects for both anyone at risk of developing skin cancer and anyone with light-sensitive skin issues (such as lupus or hives).

Benefit #2: Keeps glass from shattering.
The new breed of window film is lightweight and see-through, but deceptively strong as well. So if you live in a region prone to extreme weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc) that tends to produce flying debris, the presence of the film can keep your windows from shattering into your home or car even upon a direct impact.

As well, in the event there is a break-in attempt, your windows won’t shatter the way the thieves are expecting, and this can serve as a very effective surprise deterrent.

Benefit #3: Reduces both the glare and the heat from sunlight.
Not only will your wallet thank you for this perk (as will your hard-working air conditioner) but your eyes and skin will thank you as well. You won’t have to struggle against glare while reading, working, driving or watching television, so your eyes won’t experience painful strain.

And you will have better air purity and circulation throughout your home and car since the window film will cut down the amount of heat the sun can create in your indoor environment.